The Psychology of Personal Growth (Including the mental part of us)

Journey starts from ourselves… A journey which brings fulfillment, happiness and success. If we know ourselves better and combine this knowledge with deep down clues related with our mental side, life definitely will be easier and happier to live. So, we welcome you to learn and start your unique journeys…

Key takeaways:

  • Getting a better awareness of ourselves.
  • Gaining clues about our mental side.
  • Realizing what’s holding us back.

Aysim Altay

She has been lecturing and coaching in mental coaching, leadership, personal growth areas for over 22 years. She worked with more than 155 companies world wide (Including Mercedes, Ikea, Bosch, H&M, Fiat, Nokia, Unilever and several universities) besides working as mental coach and instructor of FIBA Europe for 14 years. Her mental coaching expertise covers high level athlets, teams, artists, business professionals and executives and her book Mental gives crucial clues in this field. Her degree in Neuroscience adds more to her speeches and lectures. In addition to her knowledge in Human Behavioral and Management Sciences she has the expertise in NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sedona Method, Hemispheric Kinesiology, Time Line Therapy, Persuasion Engineering, Milton Erickson Hypnosis, Design Human Engineering, Remote Viewing, Expressive Art Therapy, Mental Imagery, Sophrology, Gestalt Therapy, Stanislav Grof Breath Therapy in short. Aysim Altay is the author of 5 books, many articles in these field and producer of Podcast programs & youtube training videos. She is a big supporter of human-centered activities and teachings. If she would say few words about herself… “Humanism has a great importance in my life. I believe that human-centered efforts will create magnificent results… People seek for meaning in their lives and existence; just like businesses do.




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Keynote speakers and discussions

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New trends and global knowledge

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Experiential activities

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Interactive workshops


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Important information

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