Digital transformation and new business models

The ability to develop and implement innovative business models today is crucial for the long-term competitiveness of companies. The dynamic and complex business environment in which businesses operate requires innovation in other areas, not just in the area of products and processes. The purpose of the workshop is to present the theoretical basis and methodological tools that you need to innovate your business model. Our goal is to open the horizon of new opportunities and opportunities that are enabled by the innovation of business models for the long-term success of a company’s business. The educational experience will be a combination of lectures by an expert in the field of innovating business models, practical learning on the basis of case studies, presenting a methodology for the renewal of business models based on real cases, using tools for innovating the business model in the company and presenting a systematic approach to innovations of the business model.


Senior Level Executives, Business Strategy Executives, CMOs and Business Development Executives



Carlos M. DaSilva

Carlos M. DaSilva, Ph.D., is a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the HEG School of Management Switzerland and the Managing Director of the Founder Institute Technology Acceleration Program in Lisbon. He works with corporate innovation managers and executives to provide the latest thinking on best-in-class digital transformation and innovation practices from technology firms. He favors a hands-on and interactive approach rooted on practices from dynamic digital start-ups to finding distinctive solutions for large corporations. His latest work focuses on the process of digital transformation. His past research has dealt with business model innovation and corporate innovation. In his work with executives, Professor DaSilva helps them enhance organizational performance through change management and digital transformation. He is an advocate of adapting innovative business model designs that match the economic transformation taking place. Through his Silicon Valley and entrepreneurial experience, he has gained insights into the different ways technology and start-ups shape the businesses of tomorrow. He brings many of these insights to large organizations as they seek to become more innovative and to use digital transformation principles to execute their strategies. Prof. DaSilva obtained a PhD in Digital Innovation while working at top tier American universities including the Thunderbird School of Management in Arizona and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. His work has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals such as the Long Range Planning and his research is among the most cited in the field of business models. He is the co-author of a book on Global Entrepreneurship published by SAGE, and is frequently invited to internationally renowned conferences to present his research on the fields of Disruptive Innovation & Digital Transformation.

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Novi trendi in znanja

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Okrogle mize in navdihujoče diskusije

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Interaktivne, praktično usmerjene delavnice

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Za vse, vključene v transformacijo podjetja

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