The Psychology of Teamwork: Protect your crew!

You cannot discover new horizons without sailing close to the wind. Rather than avoid them, learn how to navigate your team through treacherous waters.

The difference between a boss and a leader is that the boss micromanages every aspect of the job, whereas the leader focuses on the big picture. A great leader will create a safe environment in which people are allowed to take risks, try new things and propose their own solutions. Some experiments might fail, but only companies that dare to promote trial & error methods and innovation, while nurturing their employees’ individuality, will succeed in the end.
In this workshop, you will learn how to assess your team’s emotional well-being, recognize their fears and empower them to express their feelings in a productive manner, thus creating an inclusive and encouraging learning culture.

What differentiates high performing teams from the average ones is that in a dog-eat-dog business culture, they choose to remain human. Join this workshop and we will tell you how.


Jasna Knez

Jasna Knez is an Executive & Team Coach, Master Jungian Coach and Trainer & Facilitator and she helps individuals & teams create an environment of high performance through powerful coaching approaches, experience systemic concepts relevant and applicable for understanding structure, dynamics and functions of people and companies. Her passion is discovering people untapped potential and creating safe space for transformation. She believes in holistic approach and diversity. Her method is combination of different modalities, techniques, and methods in order to challenge limiting beliefs, to define and loose unproductive and sometimes destructive behavioral patterns, own the shadow! To push the boundaries of what people can really become. Shaken and re-shake. Transform!




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