The Psychology of Misbehaviour: Take advantage of your vices and embark on a victorious journey!

Without darkness, there is also no light to guide us!
Misbehaviour is defined as ‘anything you do at work that you are not supposed to do’.

It is no secret that people who are successful in corporations often have destructive traits. Psychopaths, who frequently thrive at executive positions, are grandiose, manipulative, callous and lacking empathy. Excessively narcissistic people can be successful with clients but impossible to work with and consequently despised by their employees.
However, simply possessing traits that might lead to the aforementioned behavior does not make us a psychopath or a narcissist. We all have a dark side, but in clinical psychology diagnoses are reserved for those, whose symptoms are so prevalent that they interfere with normal functioning. Such people need professional help. The rest of us will meet at this workshop and explore how to recalibrate our inner apparatus to be charismatic rather than arrogant, assertive rather than dominant, composed rather than indifferent.

Key learning outcomes:

  • What is the best behaviour management strategies?
  • How to reduce power struggles and misbehaviour at work?
  • Why consider misbehaviour? What are the dimensions and forms of misbehaviour?
  • Learn how to tame the beast within you so that it will work for you not against you.

Learn how to tame the beast within you so that it will work for you not against you.


Nikos Lambridis

Nikos Lambridis is a renowned expert in NeuroLeadership, NeuroCoaching and Coaching Psychology. He is a Course Leader for the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, City College, teaching Organizational Behaviour, Leadership, Coaching and communication skills throughout South East Europe on the Sheffield Executive MBA. He is also the founder and CEO of Advisor Training and Coaching Ltd., based in Athens with clients from over 12 countries in the SE Europe region. He has extensive practical experience through workshops, trainings and consulting assignments for clients as Informix, Vodafone, Toshiba, where he managed the International, US and European sales operations. His Training and Coaching methodology is based on the ground works of Positive Psychology, Transformational Coaching and Client- centred Executive coaching of INSEAD’s Coaching and Consulting for Change practice principles. Nikos has been teaching and coaching for the last 12 years in many large multinational companies such as Pfizer, Novartis, WIND, Abbott, ROCHE, Duty Free, Eurobank, Piraeus Bank, Citibank, Marks and Spencer, Johnson&Johnson, Sanofi – Aventis, and participants from more than 15 European and Middle East countries. He is often called on the spot by multinational organizations to facilitate, consult or coach their groups, managers or the top management team on issues such as Leadership, Strategy, Top Team building, Emotionally intelligent Teams etc.




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