The Psychology of Happiness: Peace of mind is the new exciting!

Here’s to fabulous Mondays!

The significance of happiness and well-being in the workplace is too often overlooked. Not only is that regrettable in terms of employee welfare, but equally so from the business perspective. Fixing the atmosphere at the office is a quick win that enhances productivity, creativity, and dedication. However, in order to be able to create a comfortable environment for your employees, you must first find your own contentment. At this workshop, we will explore the intricate psychological underpinnings of what it means to be happy at work and how to get about achieving this seemingly intangible goal, as well as how to deal with stress and anxiety. We will also review the role of big data and AI; specifically machine learning, in coping with challenging situations.

Happy people are better at their jobs. Become one of them and inspire others!

Attending this workshop will allow you to:

  • Identify key determinants of well-being and stress at work
  • Understand the impact of anxiety on the individual, team and organizational level
  • Use technology to monitor and negate the onset of negative emotional states
  • Determine possible intervention methods to overcome anxiety and stress
  • Improve relationships with co-workers

Happiness and Wellbeing

Jon Gruda

Jon Gruda, is an assistant professor in Organisational Behaviour at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. His research topics are focused on the study of leadership, as well as socio-cognitive processes and individual differences. The second research stream focuses on the intersection between technology and human behavior, emotional intelligence, organizational psychology and experimental design, particularly emotional perception and regulation at the workplace. He is a valued teacher, workshop facilitator with practical experience through workshops, trainings and consulting assignments for client’s in Germany and France.




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