Positive Psychology: Character Strenghts revolution

We will discuss how positive psychology has brought into focus the aspects of our personality that we can mindfully attend to and subsequently improve our lives and the lives of others. As we attend to what is good in ourselves and in others, good things happen for us all. Several studies have examined the links between different types of achievement and character strengths. One strength that seems to frequently find its way toward the top of the correlations charts in each study is perseverance. In addition, many other strengths have been linked with achievement. This elicits an important question that has not been fully answered by scientists: Is it better to help ourselves and those attempting to achieve something, feel happy and healty doing it, tap into their most energizing and authentic, signature strengths? Or, is it more beneficial to train ourselves on boosting a handful of specific strengths (e.g., perseverance, self-regulation, curiosity)?


Saša Božič

Sasa Bozic is an ICF Executive Coach, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Business Developer for UAE and India, International Keynote Speaker and Author. For 26 years, she has been playing numerous roles in corporations across Europe, Middle East and India, as a strategic advisor, who connects the dots between the successful business, branding & storytelling strategies and Employee Wellbeing Programs. Presenting EWP activities and measures to executives and locally adapting them to engage employees through holistic measures, she believes the most added value towards achieving Corporate goals can be provided with authentic leaders and empowered, happy and healthy employees. Due to her contribution in the area of raising preventive health awareness and spreading engagement among employees, she was also invited as a speaker to Indian Ficci Heal Conference 2016 and later on as a speaker and an award winner to the World Health and Wellness Congress & Awards 2017, 2018, 2019, World Coaching Congress 2020 and Women Economic Forum in Hague, Los Angeles, London and Cairo. As a devoted member of All Leadies League and it's misson towards Women Empowerment in 2020 Sasa volunteered nine months to coordinate an amazing team of 16 Ladies organizing Women Economic Forum 2020 in Slovenia with 300 participants coming from 25 countries. During the challenging COVID times of 2020, Saša and her friend Maja founded Sophia Academy, uniting the wisdom of wellbeing, bringing it back to corporate world by presenting a unique method that taps into the full potential of individuals and teams, unlocking company’s hidden gems. Being a Mom of two adult sons, wife, sister and a friend, in 2018 Sasa also decided to embark on a empowering personal journey through 800 km long, Spanish pilgrimage called Camino, writing a book about the experience and getting inspired to be an author. Being a writer is what Sasa visualizes herself to be, living on Bali, the Island of Gods, after her mission and all the global projects are finally finalized.




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