Neuroeconomics: An interdisciplinary game changer!

No brain? No gain!

There are things in business that conventional economic theories cannot explain without borrowing evidence, expertise, and interpretive frameworks from other areas. Imagine having at your disposal a thorough understanding of the mind, its motivations and drives, combined with a deep comprehension of the function of the nervous system and empirical data about the brain, and then applying all that knowledge to economics. Welcome to the workshop on neuroeconomics! Where science and economics meet.

For years, while building their mathematical predictive models of choice, economists treated the brain as a “black box”. The economic models of choice were thus mathematically very elegant; but have been shown to systematically fail under numerous circumstances. Neuroeconomists now understand the basic architecture of the brain and how it actually makes choices.

We will study decision-making processes in social and economic contexts, gaining unprecedented insight into ordinary and business dynamics, which will be further enhanced by engaging with fields like behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, neurophysiology and neuroimaging.

Welcome to the scientific discipline, designed to break new ground.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to change human decision with brain stimulation techniques
  • Know what is the scope of neuroeconomics
  • Learn the key features of the diffusion model in neuroeconomics


Žiga Vižintin

Žiga Vižintin is Management Board Advisor at Pokojninska družba A pension fund where he is in applying behavioral economics to help people save more for retirement.




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