How to become a Digital Master Company?

Reimaging your business->Reevaluate your value proposition->Design new customer experience->Rebuild organization

The success of a digital transformation depends on an organization’s leadership team. Having in mind  the magnitude of change, the degree of disruption, and tendency to  uphold the status quo, the role of “digital leader” is key for successful   digital transformation. Apart from digital leadership capabilities, companies have to build digital capabilities too. By being inspired by disruptive technologies, companies reimagine their business  models and customer experience, while increasing operational efficiency through automation,  and in that way improve their digital competencies . Each dimension of capability Digital and Leadership, is important on its own. Together, they make you a Digital Master.

The main goal of this workshop is to provide the basic understanding what is required company to become a Digital master company.

Key Take Away 1: Understand new digital technology trends and their transformation potential

Key Take Away 2:  How can you frame a transformative digital vision?



Klod Kolaro

Klod Kolaro is a Senior Executive with strong management, leadership and technical skills, with more than 20 years of experience in ICT industry. After great 15+ years at Oracle, he joined Comtrade - the largest iSV and System Integrator in SEE. His main role is to help their clients across Europe to stay competitive in the Digital Age. New technology trends such as Social , Mobile, Big Data, IoT ,Cloud disrupt traditional business models. Being always passionate about technology and having deep insight into how digital impacts business, he engage with C-level executives, and business at large, helping them to realize their digital transformation strategies.

Dimenzija dogodka

Poslovno  mreženje

Poslovno mreženje

Novi trendi in znanja

Novi trendi in znanja

Okrogle mize in navdihujoče diskusije

Okrogle mize in navdihujoče diskusije

Interaktivne, praktično usmerjene  delavnice

Interaktivne, praktično usmerjene delavnice

Za vse, vključene v transformacijo podjetja

Za vse, vključene v transformacijo podjetja

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