Customer Journey Mapping – Maximising Customer Value and Adapt to New Digital Reality

Most organisations focus on the ‘top of the funnel’ (TOFU) while neglecting the MOFU and BOFU – your own comms channels that can be a winning strategy. Mapping Customer Journey (CJ) is one of the biggest money generators in a company, yet it is often misunderstood and neglected. It is also the answer to new forms of customer intimacy, purpose – and digital transformation (otherwise, an empty phrase…). Why CRM is not ‘something we send every Tue at 10am’?  

Key Take Away 1: Mapping a CUSTOMER JOURNEY is one of the biggest money makers for companies
Key Take Away 2: Mapping out CUSTOMER JOURNEY is often the beginning of digital transformation


  • What is a Customer Journey (CJ)?
  • How to map it out (key steps, touch points, personas, pain points, pain quantification.)?
  • Who needs to participate?
  • How to prioritise which ‘pain points’ to resolve first?
  • Developing strong Value Exchange for each step/touch point/persona.
  • Examples of various CJs in practice + actions in various ones.

Audience profile:

  • Middle management across all industries.
  • Marketing and PR directors and managers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Startups (Founders & Entrepreneurs).
  • Small and Medium Enterprises


Keynote speaker

Lazar Džamić

Lazar Džamić is a lecturer in Digital Marketing at the Faculty for Media and Communications in Belgrade (FMK) and one of the foremost brand and marketing strategists in the region, with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience in one of the most competitive markets in the world. He is a former Head of Brand Planning in Google's creative think tank ZOO in London, where he created the strategy team and introduced to the industry two of the world’s first Creative Data Scientists. His mission at Google was to ‘turn light into heat’: a vast amount of Google data into surprising and deep insights for creating great brand stories. Prior to Google, he also served as a Strategy Director in several London creative agencies and was one of the first digital strategists in the United Kingdom. He worked on campaigns and programmes for some of the UK’s most loved brands such as Tesco, John Lewis, Waitrose, Virgin Holidays, Nando’s etc. After his return from London, Lazar is a much sought-after trainer for digital marketing transformation, working with some of the biggest local and regional clients such as Telenor, Mercator, Adidas, Erste Bank and others. He is also a member of the Serbian Prime Minister’s Creative Council, advising on aspects of developing Serbia’s creative sectors. He is the creative industries consultant for The European Bank for Development and Reconstruction, trainer at the regional PwC Academia, an ex-journalist, contributor to The Guardian and also a best-selling non-fiction author in Serbia. He is a regular speaker at global and regional conferences on topics of digital marketing and brand storytelling. His latest book, The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing was published by Kogan Page in July 2018.

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Poslovno mreženje

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Novi trendi in znanja

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Okrogle mize in navdihujoče diskusije

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Interaktivne, praktično usmerjene delavnice

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Za vse, vključene v transformacijo podjetja

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