Big Data – Your Company’s Biggest Asset

Prepare your future strategy with your company’s most valuable asset – data.

Intelligence is always a key input to support decision-making. How to develop a masterplan on deal with the current and foreseen future adversity? Participants will gain the knowledge to understand the sources and applications for market intelligence, and ensure their companies adopts an integrated approach to collect and deliver the information required to develop future strategy. They will learn how Competitive Intelligence can support growth in times of adversity and uncertainty.

Key take away 1: To help you think through your next steps, as well as your future strategy.

Key Take away 2: To develop a masterplan on how to deal with the current and foreseen future adversity.


Data is your biggest strength to fight future uncertainty. And yet we don’t use it as our strength to make better data-driven decisions out of it.

  • How to deal with the “New Normal” when it comes to decision making and strategy development,
  • discuss how Competitive Intelligence can support sustained performance, how to be prepared to further disruptive events, their impact,
  • and even support the change management process and adaptation that is necessary for firms to grow.

Audience profile:

  • Middle and top management across all industries.
  • Entrepreneurs (Directors & Owners).
  • Startups (Founders & Entrepreneurs).
  • Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Multinationals.



Luis Madureira

Luis Madureira leads the Brand Building (R)evolution as Founder and Managing Partner of ÜBERBRANDS, helping companies, boards, and business leaders navigate their competitive environment by informing their decision making with actionable insights, supporting the design of winning strategies, and the development of innovative products, services, processes, and business models. Previously the Global Competitive Intelligence Practice Lead for Ogilvy Consulting (aka OgilvyRED), he possesses vast experience in Consulting – Ogilvy, ÜBERBRANDS – and in FMCG – Diageo, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Red Bull, United Coffee, Heineken. Held leadership roles in Competitive Intelligence, Strategy, Marketing, and Sales, both locally and globally. A distinguished Fellow by the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellowship, he Chairs the SCIP Portugal Chapter and he is an Invited Lecturer for University Masters and Post Graduations (education institutions, courses, and evaluations on the Organizations tab below) and also for LJUBLJANA MBA program at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. Author of Social Market Intelligence (SMINT), the first Competitive Intelligence approach in real-time, and INNOVaction, an end-to-end innovation program spanning from the fuzzy front-end to its evaluation. Graduated from NOVA SBE in Economics with a specialization in Marketing and accredited with a CIP-II (Master of Competitive Intelligence) by ACI – Academy of Competitive Intelligence. He is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at NOVA IMS Information Management School specializing in Information and Decision Systems.

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Poslovno mreženje

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Novi trendi in znanja

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Okrogle mize in navdihujoče diskusije

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Interaktivne, praktično usmerjene delavnice

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Za vse, vključene v transformacijo podjetja

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